Envisage Group invests in industry leading machinery to support its vehicle development programme

The Envisage Group, one of the Midlands leading suppliers of design and engineering services to the automotive industry, is making a significant £850,000 investment in new machinery and is expanding its premises as it prepares for the growth of new automotive design and modelling projects.

The investment in two brand new 5 axis cutting machines is supported by a 20 per cent contribution from the Coventry & Warwickshire Local Enterprise Partnership’s (LEP) Growing Places fund.


Envisage Group Chief Executive, Chris Lee said:

“It will enable the business to compete worldwide in the production of a variety of sophisticated models which are an essential part of the modern car design process. The initiative highlights optimism in the business about the growing demand for the development of new vehicles by leading automotive manufacturers and the opportunity to compete on a world stage. There may also be opportunities to apply our experience and craftsmanship to new areas as this design approach is starting to be adopted in other aspects of transport such as rail and aviation.”

Operations Director at Envisage, Adrian Coppin said:

“Having this enhanced capability will enable us to push the boundaries of our manufacturing capability and the resulting uplift in business we are predicting over the next few years should enable us to generate additional job creation for CNC machinists and ultimately create additional jobs for the other model making and design disciplines that support it.