Envisage Technologies: Student Scale Model Support

During the academic year of 2017-18 Envisage Technologies supported five students from Coventry University in completing their models to be exhibited at the annual Degree Show.

Students were selected based on individual merit, having had to showcase a piece of work which outlined their project. The five that were selected chose different modes of transport, including a jet interior, e-bike, a boat and futuristic cars.

Adam Mackerron chose to produce an ocean going, plastic collecting autonomous ship. The project was selected due to its concern of the plastic crisis in the oceans and for it futuristic outlook on marine travel.


McLaren Walker created a model aircraft interior, which analysed how space affects the mood of a passenger. The interior was designed to enhance the flying experience and make it as relaxing as possible.

Thinking outside of the box, Anthony Dunn chose to create a model car with a twist. The vehicle was bodied with a flesh like latex allowing for a sleek and aerodynamic finish.

As an avid motor bike racer, Mark Piper looked at creating a new, sleek design for a sports bike which would allow for less drag and greater top speeds. Envisage supported Mark through the machining and painting process.

Gabriel Hantig elected to create a futuristic sports car which incorporated style, elegance and beauty into the design and finish.