Authentic craftsmanship, Envisage exhibit at the 31st Techno Classica

Envisage Group have a proven capability to restore and recreate classic automotive icons.  The team are trusted by individual collectors and automotive OEMs alike to manufacture hand-crafted bodies and complete vehicles from unique one-offs to continuation series.  By combining modern technology with traditional hand-working skills the level of quality of the authentically manufactured vehicle can even surpass the original.

No matter how famous, or revered a classic car, icons of time passed don’t come with drawings or a build manual.  To ensure an accurate restoration or recreation the team employ advanced scanning techniques, using a high-quality original vehicle, to build up a 3-dimensional digital model.  This model is interrogated to create a perfect surface model, and it is this model which become the blue-print for the vehicle.

The digital model is used to create tooling that can be developed for a one-off through to a production run, with different materials and techniques used to ensure an appropriate solution.  Master metal workers use these tools and traditional hand-working techniques to develop an accurate and authentic body-in-white, ensuring an identical finish, not just a likeness, to the original.

“Metal hand working skills, learnt in the heyday of coachbuilding and preserved by the team today, lie at the heart of our business” says Andy Hunter Director – Envisage Classic.  “Every vehicle that leaves our workshop does so having been authentically worked but using modern measurement techniques to even surpass original levels of quality.”

The team can go further and undertake a complete vehicle build, including mechanicals, trim and paint.  Ultimately putting it all together the car must drive right, again Envisage has a proven ability to dynamically tune the car and ensure it performs exactly as it should.

“Creating an accurate and authentically manufactured body is only the start and our Colour Material and Finish team are experiencing a real pull from our customers to help define or redefine the interior quality and finish of a classic project.”  Commented Tim Strafford Group CEO. “When combined with our ability to also develop unique paints it really does put the finishing touch to the ultimate restoration or recreation.”

Envisage Group will be exhibiting at the 31st Techno-Classica in Essen (Hall 3, Stand 136).  The stand will feature both a continuation “long-nose” D-Type body and an Austin Healey 100/6.  The team will also be running hand-wheeling demonstrations to share the artistry and precision of hand-working metal body panels.