Project Overview

The first production Bentley La Sarthe by Bensport, with Envisage-built body, was unveiled alongside its prototype at the London Classic Car Show in February this year. This sleek grand tourer realises the vision of father and son entrepreneurs, Bob and Andy Perry, to create a coach-built coupe that encapsulates the spirit of Bentley in answer to the question “what if the Bentley factory had entered a car for Le Mans in the 1950s?”


Our Solutions

Envisage Group’s involvement began in earnest in 2017, resulting in the design and build of a body buck at the end of the Summer. The buck is an essential tool to ensure a perfect fit of the aluminium body panels created by highly skilled Envisage Group craftsmen, employing traditional skills in the forming of double curvature panels on the English Wheel, hammer-forming, and precision-welding techniques.

The completed body is mounted onto a newly fabricated steel ladder-frame, custom- designed by Envisage CAD engineers. This fits on top of the refurbished original Bentley Mk 6 / R-Type rolling chassis, supplied by the Bensport factory.



Results & Achievements

The car, now comprising a fully assembled body on a rolling chassis, is returned to the Bensport factory. Here it is stripped, painted, reassembled, trimmed and prepared for final assembly.

The relationship between Bensport is a faithful recreation of that which existed until the late 50s between Bentley Motors and high-quality coachbuilders such as Hooper, James Young and Mulliner Park Ward.