Jaguar XKSS Continuation

Project Overview

Commissioned by Jaguar Classic, Envisage Group played a key role in the creation of nine new Jaguar XKSS Continuation models, replacing those lost in the Jaguar Browns Lane factory fire of 1957. Envisage was the sole supplier of hand-crafted body shells and panels to the exact specification of the iconic original.

Challenges Faced

To ensure the highest levels of quality, the new XKSS body panels were created using ’reverse engineering’. This involved electronically scanning an original XKSS body to create a highly accurate body buck.

Our Solutions

Our highly skilled workforce employed English Wheel metal-forming techniques, hammer-forming, riveting and precision-welding to hand-craft the beautiful and complex aluminium XKSS bodies. The resultant panels were then checked for accuracy on the master body buck.

Results & Achievements

These rare skills allow us to recreate automotive classics with exceptional quality and an unrivalled attention to detail, while our ongoing investment in young people will ensure the future of these traditional skills.


You can check out the panel build process on the Channel 4 documentary Jaguar XKSS – A Supercar is Reborn