Crawley Creatures CNC Dakotaraptor

Envisage were approached by Crawley Creatures to manufacture a model of a dinosaur for Travelling Show, Dinosaurs in the Wild.

The Challenge

Envisage were tasked with computer numerical control (CNC) machining a full size, 5-meter Dakotaraptor using lightweight foam.

Our Approach

To make the full model, the data was broken down to make machinable pieces; for example, the head was split into separate parts, legs were split into two, and the body machined separate from the tail. After we machined the pieces, they were then assembled, before sending the model to Crawley Creatures.


After sending the model to Crawley Creatures, they made the dinosaur look realistic with paint, glass eyes, feathers, and teeth. The model was then exhibited in cities across the country as part of the travelling show, Dinosaurs in the Wild.