Transportation & Mobility

Transportation and mobility connect people between cities, countries, and even continents but as the population increases so does the demand for better more sustainable transportation.

Urbanisation is changing the way in which transportation is viewed and this is reflected in today’s mobility projects. 

New transport designs are geared around more sustainable ways to deliver transportation and with the explosion of AI the use of autonomous vehicles is fast becoming a reality in major cities.

Envisage can support OEMs and new entrants to take their ideas and make them a reality, our transport engineers have worked on many projects including producing innovative CMF for a sustainable bus project, tram and rail interiors, show bikes, electric and autonomous vehicles and we are working with clients to convert classic vehicles into electric.

Whatever your idea or project we can support you with our vast array of in-house skills from transport design support and engineering through to transport manufacture.

If you can imagine it  – we can create it.

Contact our Transportation & Mobility team directly

Contact our Transportation & Mobility team directly