Show, Concept & Prototype Vehicles

We create concept, show and prototype vehicles of the highest quality, earning us a worldwide reputation.

With leading edge technologies to stay at the forefront of innovative manufacturing, Envisage create premium level properties including technology demonstrators, electronic & mechatronics, and vehicle painting & detailing.

Vehicle Design Process

The vehicle concept design process always starts with an idea, from that a sketch or drawing is developed which is then designed to include lines, proportions, and dimensions.

To enable us to assess the three-dimensional elements, designs are produced as detailed 1:4 clay models and as virtual data models, these can be viewed and analysed from various angles and details such as colour and texture can be changed easily. 

Computer generated designs cannot always show what you need to see, and so a hand-crafted 1:1 clay model is produced to enable the designer to really see the property in full scale, at this point it can be reshaped to enhance the design. Once complete the clay model can be scanned and this information can be used to make further changes digitally.

Sketches for the interior will also be made and then drawings and renders will be produced. UX/UI bucks can be designed and manufactured to allow clients to see how everything fits and again changes can be made to seat size, leg room, infotainment etc. 

The colours for both interior and exterior can be chosen with help from our Colour Materials and Finish (CMF) department to ensure that your vision for the vehicle becomes a reality. Our specialists can source material ranging from leathers to sustainable materials and will work closely with our in-house trim department to come up with stitching, seams, and any special detail. Materials and Colours can be presented in an interior enabling a full review.

Vehicles we can produce are:
  • Static show Vehicle
  • Driveable Show Vehicle
  • Concept Vehicle
  • Technical Demonstrator
  • Prototype Vehicle

Contact our Show, Concept & Prototype Vehicles team directly

Contact our Show, Concept & Prototype Vehicles team directly