Styling Models

Envisage has a global reputation for high quality models where accuracy is paramount. Model types include:

  • Clay Modelling.
  • Full size, scale models & drivable cars.
  • Show and Concept Cars.
  • Prototypes, Internal Review & Vision.
  • Interior and Exterior, Colour & Trim.
  • CNC machining of 3D physical models.
  • Full inspection and measurement.
  • Surface validation and development.
Foam Model (Speed Form)
Dimensional Control Model (DCM)
Customer Design Reference Model (CDRM)
  • A Class surface and final engineering release data prove out models
  • Parts milled to +/- 0.15mm stack assembled to +/- 0.20mm.
  • Fully finished and trimmed interior and exterior models.
  • Used for styling, engineering, and customer evaluation.
Disguise Kits

If you want to keep your design hidden until launch, we can provide disguise kits to help you do this.

Aerodynamic Buck
Ergonomic Buck
Paint Buck

Our paint bucks can be any size shape or colour. If you have a colour palette you would like to see sprayed out we would be happy to discuss this with you.

Seat Buck

Vehicle package development is an integral part of the vehicle design development. It consists of determining the occupant compartment configuration, the overall exterior/interior dimensions of the vehicle and the components of the vehicle. Developing and verifying the occupant compartment configuration is usually conducted by using a seating buck.

To build a seating buck, vehicle interior surfaces are generated in CAD using vehicle exterior surfaces, package layouts and master sections. The seating buck can then be used to conduct assessments on the occupant including head room, leg room, pedal packages, hand reach zones, driver’s vision, steering wheel location, seat belt height to verify the vehicle program targets and specifications.

Vehicle Package Development

  • Compartment Configuration


  • Interior Surfaces
  • Exterior Surfaces
  • AB Flanges
  • Master Sections


  • Packaging Optimisation
  • Ergonomics
  • Clearances
  • Vision Lines
  • Reach Zones
  • Ingress/Egress
Colour & Trim (CMF ) Buck
UX/UI Bucks

UX Bucks allow customers to experience all the interactive elements within and interior such as screens, cameras, sensors, lighting, audio visual, seat pressure pads, steering wheel design and placement etc.

Contact our Styling Models team directly

Contact our Styling Models team directly