The aerospace industry in the UK is a world leader in developing new technologies, being the second largest globally behind the US, it offers well-paid jobs, sustainable growth and is very important to the economy.

Envisage has partnered with some of the most high-profile aerospace engineering and manufacturing organisations in the UK, Europe and US creating concept designs for interiors and exteriors of non-flying parts. We can assist you with Aerospace design, engineering, aircraft interior design including CMF, aircraft paint scheme design and models for exhibitions and training.

Envisage has designed and manufactured show pods to enable OEMs to demonstrate seating, in-flight entertainment, colour concepts created through our CMF department, bar areas for first class flight and other amenities. 

Our large studio facilities allowed us to build parts of a full-size fuselage to allow our client to undertake customer research for a new first-class design and thereafter for staff training.

Our precision metalworks department has manufactured small parts including aluminium sleeves for first class lighting fixtures and funnels for test rigs. 

We can apply our inhouse design and manufacturing skills to any project or market sector.

If you can imagine it  – we can create it.
  • Envisage’s support and skill set was invaluable to help us create an accurate full scale prototype. Their expertise and knowledge, was crucial in creating the complex and detailed model we needed.
    Gareth Southall Virgin Atlantic Design Team

Contact our Aerospace team directly

Contact our Aerospace team directly