If invention is the mother of necessity, then Envisage exists to do the below line lifting of creation! Be it an idea, a piece of art, or a product, by utilising our capabilities to make, we support our customers at every turn.

Envisage can design, engineer and manufacture anything that you want to create, or assist with a problem that needs a solution.

The Art of Engineering
  • Automotive

    We have a wealth of experience in developing automotive designs, producing show vehicles, concepts & prototypes to turn our clients designs into a reality. With our in-house Colour, Materials and Finish (CMF) department on hand to create beautiful, creative, and sustainable interiors, working closely with Paint Technology and our Trim Studio to bring the interior and exterior colour palette to life.

  • Aerospace

    Envisage has partnered with some of the most high-profile aerospace engineering and manufacturing organisations in the UK, Europe and US creating concept designs for interiors and exteriors of non-flying parts. We can assist you with Aerospace design, engineering, aircraft interior design including CMF, aircraft paint scheme design and models for exhibitions and training.

  • Transportation & Mobility

    Envisage can support OEMs and new entrants to turn their ideas into a reality, our transport engineers have worked on many projects including producing innovative CMF for a sustainable bus project, tram and rail interiors, show bikes, electric and autonomous vehicles.

  • Industrial Design

    Envisage can deliver impactful and innovative designs for the industrial sector. With our skilled multi-disciplined industrial design team, we’ll bring together a blend of design and manufacturing expertise to deliver products which don’t just look fantastic but perform as they should.

  • Bespoke Products

    Envisage can design and manufacture anything from furniture, commercial and retail pieces, yacht signage, benches, speaker systems, & artistic installations.

  • Recruitment

    The long-standing industry relationships and contacts that we have mean that we understand the demands of clients, have our finger on the pulse of automotive trends and can deliver a range of services to source and attract the very best talent.

  • We could not have asked for a better partner than Envisage Group in the realisation of the Rayo’s stunning body. Taking our designs, they have showed enormous skill in the creation of the panels; the fit, paint finish and the overall robustness of the body is beyond reproach. The quality is OEM level.
    David Gomez
    David Gomez Founder, 7X Design

Contact our team directly

Contact our team directly