We are Envisage Group

The art of engineering

Envisage Group is an engineering service provider, focused on creating beautifully bespoke, perfectly engineered vehicles and products.

At Envisage you’ll find a team of highly skilled and dedicated craftspeople that make our business truly extraordinary.

We believe in creativity, craftsmanship, innovation and excellence and┬áhave a clear vision for the future – to be the world’s most successful bespoke engineering services company.

Envisage Concept Design & Engineering

We offer everything from conceptual design, sketching and renders to 3D modelling, validation and testing; engineering for manufacture, body closures and trim systems and launch support.

Envisage Technologies

We have an international reputation for the design and manufacture of concept and show vehicles and craftsmanship. We offer verification models, jigs and fixtures, tooling, rapid prototyping, CNC machining and trim development.

Envisage Classic & Bespoke

We offer an unrivalled service working with metal, including recreations of historic vehicles, Reworking of A class panels, Niche vehicle production, Restorations and Bespoke products.

Envisage Recruitment

With a proven track record as one of the UK’s leading technical recruitment companies. Specialising in both permanent and contract positions, Envisage Recruitment is the natural choice for those looking to take the next step in their career.