Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Suite

Envisage were approached by Virgin Atlantic to engineer and manufacture full-scale prototypes for the new Virgin Atlantic Upper Class interiors.


Envisage were approached by Virgin Atlantic to engineer and manufacture mock-ups for the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class interiors. These mock-ups were for final design sign off and to allow frequent flyers the opportunity to try out the new environment.


Based on a design from Virgin Atlantic, Envisage were able to manufacture a full-size section of a fuselage mock-up which sat at a flight angle. The fuselage was engineered and manufactured to represent a new Upper Class Suite.

15 rows of seat configurations were included with a bed, reclined, and upright positioned models. Seats were manufactured, trimmed, and installed. All other finishes and electronics were installed to create the experience of being in a real flying experience.

An Upper-Class Suite Bar was produced with seating to enable Virgin Atlantic customers to experience all that Upper Class has to offer.

The model was constructed onsite at our facility in Coventry, reviewed by the client and then deconstructed to be shipped to Gatwick Airport where the model was reconstructed.


The models were used for flight experiences, whereby regular fliers were invited to experience the environment as though on a normal flight and were then asked for feedback on their experience.

  • Envisage’s support and skill set was invaluable to help us create an accurate full scale prototype. Their expertise and knowledge, was crucial in creating the complex and detailed model we needed.
    Gareth Southall Virgin Atlantic Design Team