Paint Technologies

The Paint Technology Department work closely with the client to develop colours that meet their brief and provide a wide range of service offerings from design properties, clay Models, function cubes, snapshot models, new products, concepts, prototypes, and show vehicles. 

Paint production technology is moving away from metal pigmented paints towards non-metal paints in the form of clear coats and water based colours with a strong focus on sustainability. Multi-use properties will also be a trend of the future and one that the team here are looking to adopt with a versatile aperture that can be used for clay, speed form, case model and hard model.

We are specialists within the Automotive, Transportation and Mobility sectors with experience working on production panels and surfacing, creating vision models, applying paint to clay, painting show standard properties, surfacing and shaping and interior paint.

We have also worked on projects within the Aerospace industry, delivering interior design properties for POD Booths but equally can utilise these skills for any application in any industry creating bespoke one-off or production volume products.

Paint Development and bespoke finishes

We develop the best finish or texture for a client’s application, working with smart paint technology to create unique, one-off paint colours, we can colour match from a swatch or object, and any production paint code formula using a BASF/RM paint mixing system, we offer spray chrome, textured paint, and special effects such as graduated paint colours and two-tone.

Paint Support

Our paint team are on hand to support clients with any paint project.

All projects follow quality process and undergo a certified inspection to ensure the expected standards are met.

Contact our Paint Technologies team directly

Contact our Paint Technologies team directly