Electronic Development

Automotive, transportation and mobility electronics are used in vehicles for systems such as engine management and ignition controls, HMI, telematics, in-car entertainment systems, electromechanical functions and more. Electronic systems have become an increasingly large part of how a vehicle functions with modern electric cars relying on power electronics. Autonomous vehicles will rely on powerful computer systems, with a whole host of sensors, satellite navigation and networking all of which will require electronics.

The Envisage electronics department can take this one step further creating show vehicle electronics to the client’s brief. Once a brief has been received, they work with the client to suggest what would work best for their property from interior and exterior lighting, all electro-mechanicals including EV systems and bespoke automation. All of this happens during pre-production R&D.

Our team can produce apps which work using a tablet from which the client is able to control all the moving parts of the vehicle and the lighting sequences. Apps can be created to include exhibition mode which once set runs throughout the duration of an exhibition – and can include the opening and closing of doors, lighting animation and all other moving parts moving in sequence.

The team, work with low and high voltage EV drive systems for show properties and classic and bespoke conversions.

Many bespoke automation projects have been carried out for auxiliary vehicle features such as air suspension, soft close systems, automatic and special door systems, functional seating, sunroofs, deployable wing mirrors, media systems and lighting.

The Electronics team does not only just work on vehicles they also work alongside clients to create complex test rigs with bespoke feedback and data logging systems.

Exterior Lighting

  • PCB design and fabrication.
    • PCB design & manufactured to specified constraints.
    • In house component selection depending on requirements.
    • In house testing.
    • Quick turnaround.
  • Lighting animations.
    • Bespoke lighting animations for vehicles.
  • Optional third-party optical analysis.
  • Conventional lighting integration.
    • Conventional lighting integration into working models.
  • Conventional lighting modification.
    • Conversion from halogen to LED.
    • Bespoke modifications on request.
  • OLED, LED, and conventional bulb.

Interior Lighting

  • PCB design and fabrication.
    • Functional switch pack selection.
    • Interior mood lighting.
  • RGBW & addressable programming integration.
  • Bespoke lighting animations.
  • Bespoke backlit materials through CMF collaboration.
    • Laser etched.
    • Perforated media.
    • Stretched media.
  • Projection lighting.
  • Welcome lighting.
  • Reactive lighting.
    • Speed controlled lighting effects.
    • Climate controlled lighting effects.

Pre-Production Lighting

  • PCB design and fabrication.
    • Current consumption tests.
    • Heat dissipation tests.
    • Longevity tests.
  • Complete lighting unit build.
    • Testing.
    • Feedback.


Electric Drive Systems

  • Low voltage EV systems.
  • Show properties.
  • Classic and bespoke conversions.
  • High voltage EV systems.
  • Classic and bespoke conversions.
  • Conversions.

Bespoke Automation

Auxiliary vehicle features.

  • DRS.
  • EPB.
  • Air suspension.
  • Soft close systems.
  • Automatic tailgates.
  • Automatic doors.
  • Special door systems e.g., sliding, gull wing, suicide.
  • Functional seating.
  • Sunroofs.
  • Electromechanical steering column adjustment.
  • EPAS.
  • Window regulation.

UX Development

  • HMI technologies
  • Display and image manipulation
  • Software development and applications

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Contact our Electronic Development team directly