Engineering for Aerospace & Industrial Design

Our multi-disciplined, highly skilled engineers can work as an extension of your team, on or off site, in a way that suits you best. We have a flexible approach in supporting any engineering programme, from new product development, new industrial pieces of kit and bespoke items.

Validation Design and Testing

Our skilled engineers carry out a variety of vigorous testing services that are fundamental to design breakthroughs, identifying limitations, optimisation, and areas of adjustment. 

  • Physical validation
  • 3D and Rapid Prototype models
  • Full size & Scale Models
  • Working on Static Models

Concept, packaging and visual representation

Offering creative design support for concept, packaging, and visual representation for anything you can see or touch for the interior or exterior of a vehicle, fuselage, show pod or model plus associated mechanisms. We believe the key to great design is found between the connection of technology and art. We push ourselves to be progressive, using cutting edge technology to deliver experimental design services. 

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VA/VE Value Analysis and Value Engineering

Envisage engineering team are well equipped to take on any value analysis and value engineering project looking at a products, features, systems, equipment, and material selections to ensure they achieve essential functions at the lowest life cycle delivering the required performance, quality, reliability, and safety. 

We use value engineering to solve problems, eliminate unwanted costs, improve function and quality. The steps we take in the process will optimise the initial and long-term investment, seeking the best possible value for the lowest cost following these steps:

  1. Gather Information – Conduct functional and cost analysis.
  2. Ideation – We brainstorm ideas and come up with possible solutions.
  3. Evaluation –Evaluate ideas to develop further.
  4. Analysis – Conduct in-depth analysis of our ideas.
  5. Share:Share the ideas to key stakeholders.
  6. Implementation:Put a plan in place.

DVP (Design Verification Plan)

Envisage offer high level and comprehensive analysis of design, focussed on the verification of designs, incorporating all legal requirements, including feedback of preventative measures into the design data.

Launch Support

We support our clients to get their products to market in a cost effective and efficient way.

  • Taking designs to manufacture.
  • Project manage suppliers on client’s behalf.
  • Carry out low volume manufacture.

Concept Engineering

We turn the designer’s visions into reality, using A-surfaces & materials the engineers’ task is to try to make this work in the real world.​ Concept studies will assess ergonomics and packaging of the components.

Materials will be assessed against manufacturing methods for feasibility, and the overall product design will start to be defined in more detail.​ All issues/conflicts will be fed back to the designers to find mutually acceptable solutions.

Contact our Engineering for Aerospace & Industrial Design team directly

Contact our Engineering for Aerospace & Industrial Design team directly

    Key Contact Engineering for Aerospace & Industrial Design

    Stuart Smith

    Head of Concept Design & Engineering