Precision Metal Work

We have an exceptional team of sheet metal workers who can deliver a high-quality finish for continuation models, recreations, restorations, and bespoke projects.

Where artisan skills meet engineered solutions.

We manufacture parts using a combination of new and traditional techniques. Our hammer form tooling is machined in-house to a tolerance of +/- 0.2mm and the parts are then developed using the English Wheel to bend and shape steel or aluminium.

Whether it’s a recreation of something old, crafting an ornate staircase for luxury retailers, a commissioned piece of art or a one-off piece of furniture; we will provide the ultimate level of craftsmanship, luxury, and quality.

Envisage are trusted by OEMs & start-up companies to produce high quality products. 

Low Volume Panel Supply

Envisage can support varying quantities of high-quality panels to meet your requirements. Keeping heritage and hand-working skills alive, while using the latest digital technology to a refined process.

Specialist Products & Parts

Envisage can manufacture composite panels and components in carbon fibre, GRP, and low environmental impact fabrics such as flax. Bespoke interior and exterior trim components can be manufactured in various materials. We can also offer products machined on CNC machines, RIM moulded and items created using rapid additive manufacturing.

Contact our Precision Metal Work team directly

Contact our Precision Metal Work team directly