Delivering Unique Solutions for Complex Challenges: A Focus On Engineering

Delivering Unique Solutions for Complex Challenges: A Focus On Engineering

Posted April 30, 2024

Engineering is just problem solving. That’s the definition from our engineers. However, the work they do to create solutions is much more complex than their definition. When conventional solutions aren’t possible, they can deliver alternative, innovative results that not only meet their given brief, but exceed our customers’ expectations.    
Delivering solutions

Interpreting an idea from a blank sheet of paper through to analysing and improving current designs, Envisage Concept Design and Engineering (ECDE) are experts in finding the solution. Using our knowledge and experience we aim to deliver solutions that are Right First Time (RFT), resulting in less time taken on projects, and lower costs for the customer.  

Defining Problems

Each solution delivered is unique to the problem that needed to be solved, however there is a process our engineers follow, starting with asking a series of questions. What exactly is the problem? When does the problem occur? Why does it happen? How has it come about? What data needs to be collected and understood? Answering these questions will then lead to analysing for trends and patterns, before eventually allowing improvements to be made to the current design or process.

Engineering Capabilities at Envisage

Our engineers have capabilities for anything from seating and interior/exterior trim to closures & sealing; assessing ergonomics and packaging of components, taking complex concepts and making them work.  With years of experience drawn from working across multiple sectors, including every class of vehicle from city cars through to one off supercars, we haven’t found a problem yet that we haven’t been able to solve.

Delivering Excellence

The expertise, experience, and knowledge of Envisage’s engineers, and our ability to create designs makes them incomparable. Our clients want us to act as part of their teams because we are exceptional at interpreting and understanding what their needs are, and often over-deliver solutions on time.  For more information about the solutions or packages of work our engineering team offer, contact Stuart 

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