Precision Metal Work

We have an exceptional team of sheet metal workers who can deliver a high-quality finish for continuation models, recreations, restorations, and bespoke projects

Where artisan skills meet engineered solutions.

We have an exceptional team of sheet metal workers who can deliver a high-quality finish for continuation models, recreations, restorations, and bespoke projects. We manufacture body structures using a combination of new and traditional techniques. Our hammer form tooling is machined in-house to a tolerance of +/- 0.2mm and the parts are then developed using the English Wheel to bend and shape steel or aluminium.

Whether it’s recreating a classic car, a soft top conversion, crafting an ornate staircase for luxury retailers, a commissioned piece of art or a one-off bespoke car design; we will provide the ultimate level of craftsmanship, luxury, and quality.

Envisage are one of the UK’s foremost classic car and restoration companies, we are trusted by OEMs, start-ups & car collectors to produce high quality products. With innovation at the heart of what we do we are well placed to support the integration of new technology into classic and bespoke technology including vehicle bodies for EV conversion and EV battery enclosures.

Continuation, Recreation and Full Body Restoration of prestige vehicles

Many restorations have been undertaken from 1 off vehicles to full low volume vehicle programmes. Restoration can take different routes dependant on the client’s requirements such as original body restored with off the shelf panels or a classic recreation which is built from the ground up as a new body or a combination of both, to achieve the ideal solution to meet our customers’ requirements.

  • Restoration of classic vehicles including mechanics, interiors, and body to the highest standards.
  • Low volume manufacture.
  • Shaping and bending metal into beautiful panels using the English Wheel or hammerform tool; combined with the processes of a modern-day car manufacture.
  • Prime and paint to the highest finish.
  • Original powertrain integration.
  • Dynamic tuning to deliver authentic drive.

Packaging of electric power trains is a common issue when updating classic vehicles, as a leading 1st tier supplier we have vast experience of updating existing vehicles for model year updates, new concepts, and special projects. Working direct from customer components and templates or full body scanning with CAD model creation


We can scan an original vehicle to ensure the accurate recreation of panels of an entire vehicle. 

  • Development of a three-dimensional model.
  • Interrogation of surfaces to ensure quality finish.

Low Volume Panel Supply

Envisage can support varying quantities of high-quality panels to meet your requirements. Keeping heritage and hand-working skills alive, while using the latest digital technology to a refined process.

Specialist Parts

Classic cars are traditionally built with metal panels; however, we understand that advances in materials mean that lightweight panels can be used for efficiency and weight saving. Envisage can manufacture composite panels and components in carbon fibre, GRP, and low environmental impact fabrics such as flax.

Bespoke interior and exterior trim components can be manufactured in various materials. We also offer products machined on CNC machines, RIM moulded and items created using rapid additive manufacturing.

Niche Vehicle Creation & Repair

Providing a brief, vision, 3D and clay models, review, refinements, engineering of vehicle body and interiors, manufacturing of vehicle body, tooling, paint, trim, and assembly.

  • Traditional techniques with precise delivery.
  • Creating custom-made niche vehicles to customers specific requirements.
  • Stainless steel, steel, and aluminium expertise.

Electrical & Powertrain Build Support

Keeping a classic vehicle as close as its original build is traditionally important, but our customers are buying a premium luxury product and should expect something built for today.

Bluetooth systems, remote central locking, soft close doors, and phone charging are all expected on premium luxury vehicles. The change to EV has presented an opportunity to incorporate modern systems into classic cars.

We support electrical & mechanical integration of the latest systems into classic vehicles as well as offering build support for EV power trains and chassis updates.

Contact our Precision Metal Work team directly

Contact our Precision Metal Work team directly