Crawley Creatures CNC Marine Models

Envisage joined with Crawley Creatures as model-making partners to make a range of bespoke, full-size marine animals for a museum in Kuwait

The Challenge

After being contacted by Crawley Creatures, Envisage were to make multiple life size marine animals, which included a saltwater crocodile, a 5-metre manta ray, a giant squid, and sharks.

Our Approach

To make the full models, the data of the animals was broken down to make machinable pieces. The saltwater crocodile, for example, was broken down into the four legs, the top of the face, bottom of the face, the tail, and the body. After we machined the pieces, they were assembled, before sending the models back to Crawley Creatures, who made the animals look realistic with paint, glass eyes, and teeth.


Envisage’s CNC capabilities go beyond the automotive, with the ability to manufacture pretty much anything. The models were successfully displayed in Kuwaits Natural History Museum: Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre, with Jez Gibson-Harris, Director of Crawley Creatures, stating “The work was excellent and crucially for us produced on time. They are a great company to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”