Concept packaging and visual representation

If you’re anything like us you’ll be passionate about design and development, from the curve of a design to perfectly engineered, high performance features. We are highly skilled in implementing precision engineered designs using market-leading technology turning ideas into a reality.

Offering creative design support for concept, packaging, and visual representation for anything you can see or touch for the interior or exterior of a vehicle, fuselage, show pod or model plus associated mechanisms. We believe the key to great design is found between the connection of technology and art. We push ourselves to be progressive, using cutting edge technology to deliver experimental design services. 

With expertise in Colour, Materials and Finish (CMF), Digital and Physical Modelling, Virtual Reality, Studio Engineering, Mechanical Design, Body Structures, Closures, Sealing, Glazing, Interior and Exterior Trim and Seating.

Initial Design, Sketching and Renders

We start with ideation, our designers will look at your project from every possible angle. They will sketch, develop mood boards, explore styles, and create themes for you. The designs will be further developed including additional sketching, rendering and Photoshop.

Conceptual Design

Our highly skilled and creative designers, work together to develop and include hard points within the concept designs to ensure optimal functionality. We create comprehensive technical concept documents with full product specifications and benchmarking. We will ensure a seamless relationship between the design and engineering team.

Visualisation and VR

For visualisation we render imagery using VRED to see the design in a realistic environment, adding light, shadow, paint, finish, and materials.

In our VR suite we take your design into a virtual space, giving you a sense of scale. We experience your design in a ‘real-life’ scenario. You can walk around a design, look at the form and details of your product and interact with it.

3D & Physical Modelling

Our models include Initial 3D modelling which are digital (Alias) surface development, finalise design and 3D models, adding detailing and preparation for visualisation, physical modelling and Surface refinement and model updates.

Front-end design support.
  • Interior / Exterior Clay Models
  • Ergo / Usability / Durability Bucks & Rigs
  • CDRM Properties
  • Vision models
Inspiring design, development, and delivery
  • Creative vehicle designers
  • CAS Concept and Engineering
  • Sketch, render, photo-realistic
  • Photoshop design, ALIAS, VRED rendering.

Contact our Concept packaging and visual representation team directly

Contact our Concept packaging and visual representation team directly

    Key Contact Concept packaging and visual representation

    Stuart Smith

    Head of Concept Design & Engineering