Equipment and facilities

Our facilities, equipment and software includes:

Secure working areas

This is a major priority for us and every site has secure working areas and practices for our clients current and future projects.

We offer the following as standard:

  • Secure fob access
  • Controlled visitor entry
  • External CCTV and 24-hour security
  • Mobile and personal device regulations
  • Office hours reception service


Our teams use industry level software compatible with our clients, as well as more specialised software dependant on project requirements.

Programmes include, but not limited to: ICEM Surf, CATIA V5, Alias, Delcam PowerMILL, Delcam PowerSHAPE, Delcam PowerINSPECT, Pro-E, SolidEdge, Geomagic, AutoCAD, Solidworks, Unigraphics, Mechnical Desktop, UG-NX7.5 and VEED

Studios, lighting and conveniences

Our studios are used by our in-house teams and our client’s design, engineering, research and manufacturing teams interchangeably. We house a range of projects from visualisations, physical models, inspection, product builds and reviews, specialist CAD and CAE projects to high profile vehicle programmes.

We offer the following:

  • Meeting, training and conference rooms with screen projecting systems
  • 26 Studios – 4 with viewing balconies, 25 located in Coventry, UK & 1 Studio in Fremont, USA
  • Computer workstation spaces, scanning and printing equipment
  • Portable and fixed ceiling reflection light rigs
  • Access to isolated Cat 5 & 6 networking via separate servers
  • 24/7 CNC Machinery with 5 axis capability and off-line programming
  • Kitchen areas, toilets and shower room
  • Breakout and exhibition area – ‘The Street’
  • Management, Design and Engineering, Finance, Sales & Marketing offices

Detailed facility listing

HQ Progress Close (32,000 sq/ft)


  • Studios 1, 3 & 4: Size 13x26m, Studio 1 bedplate 4x12m, Studio 3 & 4 bedplate 4x6m (sunken- floor level).
  • Studio 2 : Size 17x26m.
  • Studio 5- Build Space: Size 8.6×7.6m.
  • Studio 6- Build Space: Size 8.5×7.5m.

Design Offices

  • 4x Bespoke Customer Offices
  • Capacity for 40 Engineers in a controlled, secure environment (building entrance/exit, offices and studios have security access control).

Envisage Technologies - Herald Way (22,000 sq/ft)

Design Offices

  • 8x Full Time Model/Tool Designers and Project Management Team


  • 3x Build Studios, 3x Bedplates 3x8m, 2x Plates CMM arms.


  • 3x 3 axis CNC Machining Centres, 3x 3+2 axis CNC Machining Centres- largest envelop of 6m x 2m x 2m, 2x 5 axis Machining Centres- 3.2m x 2.5m x 1.2m, 2x 5 axis Machining Centres- 2.8m x 2m x 0.8m. All 5 axis machines with vacuum beds, dust extraction and air conditioned to machine at constant 20 degrees, 2x 3D Printers.
  • 1x Paint Booth

Envisage Classic and Bespoke - Quinn Close (16,000sq/ft)

Manufacturing and Assembly

  • 2x large workshops, panel forming equipment
  • 7x English Wheels and 6x Eckhold hand formers
  • 2x polishing lathes, inspection and fully adaptable assembly areas
  • Welding machinery and screened off areas, self-contained project and logistics offices on two sites, component storage, single component and large assembly polishing for Brightware.
  • Vehicle assembly / prototype build areas / secure build studios and vehicle build plates, panel fabrication and sheet forming, low volume prototype pressing techniques.
  • 2x Paint Booths

Inspection Bay

  • Bed plate 1.4×2.5m, 1x Surface arm, 1x Faro arm and workstation.


Envisage Technologies - Doyle Drive (81,000 sq/ft)

Design Offices

  • 6x Full Time Model/Tool Designers and Project Management Team.

Secure Studios

  • 15x Studios, 9x with plates ranging from 8m to 14m.


  • Saws, sanders and planers, Large scale GRP manufacture area, hand-sculpture and CNC clay modelling tools, clay oven, 5 tonne capacity Gantry Crane, 2x 3D Printers, workstations in model assembly areas.


  • 4x 3+2 axis machines, 1x 5 axis machine, 12x 1.5×2 complete with fully integrated group level extraction , Faro inspection arm, Secure/obstructed viewing garden
  • 4x Paint Booths.
  • DuPont Cromax pro mixing centre.

VR Suite

  • Render imagery using VRED to take your design into virtual space giving a sense of scale, whilst being able to see the shadow, paint materials and finish of the vehicle.


  • We offer guidance through the complex process of defining colour, materials and finish that will enhance the brand image, whilst also enabling ‘real life’ viewing through our VR Suite.

Prototype Trim Shop

  • Development and low volume manufacture of interior trim.