A Focus On: Envisage’s Design Studios

A Focus On: Envisage’s Design Studios

Posted May 30, 2024

Envisage’s modellers and studio personnel are highly skilled, making them incomparable when taking ideas from design through to product launch and beyond. Our in-house capabilities include, but are not limited to, building show vehicles, concepts, e-cubes, and tooling fixtures for a variety of industries from automotive to aerospace.

Working with Designers

Our studio teams work closely with designers to transform their concept into a tangible reality. We ensure that the finer details are captured as accurately as possible, often in full scale models. The final project meets the highest of standards for quality and functionality, aligning with the designer’s visions.

The Build Process

Our studio operations typically involve the assembly, fit, and finish of components to the full model. All of the body panels and associated components would go through a dry fit process ,all gap and flush conditions would be validated to the engineering  prior to the models being stripped down for paint and finish.

The Necessary Skills

A range of skills are required by our studio modellers. A keen eye for detail is necessary ensuring projects are completed to the highest quality; they work in a high-pressure environment and to short lead times; and make informed decisions quickly to create effective solutions.

A Collaborative Approach

Our modellers work hand in hand with our in-house Paint Shop, Trim Studio and Electronic Research and Development teams. Their collaboration works to build realistic and highly detailed models for a variety of uses. This ranges from volume models, design verification models, and show cars for launches and press events all over the world.

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