Bespoke products

Project Overview

Design and craftsmanship are core elements of the Envisage Group business. While many of our customers operate in the mainstream automotive engineering sector, we also offer a tailored engineering service to individual customers through Envisage Classic and Bespoke.

Results & Achievements

The traditional skills possessed by our craftsmen at Envisage Classic and Bespoke are transferable to an almost unlimited array of luxury products. The highly experienced team thrives on bringing customer’s ideas to life, each a unique creation.

Perhaps our finest example are the nickel-bronze casings for the new escalators at Harrods. Each individual panel was hand-formed at Envisage Classic and Bespoke as part of a complex refurbishment of the luxury department storeā€˜s Grade II listed building in Knightsbridge, London.

A further example of its range of skills and versatility, the Envisage Classic and Bespoke team can also turn its collective hand to the crafting of furniture. This included creating an exquisite group of tables in aluminium as part of a commission from a renowned London art gallery. Envisage craftsmen have also designed and created a unique set of aluminium and wooden tables for the owner of a Palmer Johnson ocean-going, luxury yacht.

Envisage Group are committed to preserving and developing these rare crafting skills, unique to its British and Coventry heritage.