Envisage Invests in Studio Renovation

Envisage Invests in Studio Renovation

Posted April 26, 2024

After investing in its facilities, Envisage has completed the renovation of its studio 4. The improvements to the facility have enhanced functionality and resulted in a brighter, modern, more efficient space.
A Clean Aesthetic

Creating a bright and clean environment was key to this renovation. The flooring has been painted very pale, matte grey, which, combined with new LED lighting enhances this aesthetic.

Energy Efficiency

The renovated studio is more efficient with its lighting being high output, low energy LEDs with a high CRI rating. This makes the studio space brighter, not only making it a better space to work, but will support the design process allowing a higher level of accuracy and enhancing aesthetics. The lighting builds on Envisage’s sustainability story because it requires less power than regular lighting, lasts much longer meaning less waste, and doesn’t contain toxic materials.

State-Of-The-Art Technologies

Studio 4 has been equipped with a new, state-of-the-art 12-metre inspection plate, complete with new coordinate measuring machine (CMM) arms. Improved 5-Axis machines have also been fitted which can be used for projects that require a more robust milling machine such as studio clay, foam, and hard plastics. These machines have high operating speeds, high material removal rate, and create a superior finish.

Office Space

To finish the renovation, office space has been incorporated using the mezzanine, complete with a meeting space downstairs. Both areas have been supplied with office essentials, making it the perfect space for working and collaborating on projects.

Studio Rental

Studio 4 emphasises the quality of space Envisage can offer to its customers, complete with high levels of security. Studios are available for short-term hire or long-term rental, and we can support a range of projects from visualisation, to physical models and product builds, to reviews. Contact us or visit the Studio Workspace page for more information.

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