Envisage Upgrade Aerodynamics to Help Beat 300mph Record

Envisage Upgrade Aerodynamics to Help Beat 300mph Record

Posted November 24, 2023

Envisage is committed to supporting customers to deliver their vision for their projects, this continues to be the case with the collaboration of the Rayo by 7X Design. Their goal is to have the fastest, coach-built supercar, breaking the record of 300mph. Officially the car has reached 262mph, but has accomplished 278mph unofficially, at the IDIADA in Spain.

Initially, Envisage were contacted by 7X Design to work together in developing an aerodynamic body for the Rayo. At this stage, Envisage provided engineering on the 3D designs from 7X Design, producing a full 3D model. The Envisage team then engineered each individual panel, manufactured carbon fibre components, and assembled the vehicle to match the designs to sub-millimetre accuracy. The car was also painted Sport Orange by Envisages advanced Paint Technologies division.

Once the Rayo was on the track there appeared to be some lift at high speed, and so 7X Design carried out fluid mechanics and airflow dynamics tests on the car to see how it could become more aerodynamic and look at what they needed to do to keep the car firmly on the track as it reached 300mph. 7X Design suggested the car needed more downforce, particularly on the back. The car was returned to Envisage, where additional 3D designs were created to include the modifications before the parts were manufactured and fitted inhouse.

At the front of the car, forged carbon canards have been constructed, adding 25 kilograms of downforce per canard on each side. On the back of the car, a new deck lid was added with larger winglets that have more flip to them. These winglets will provide a more laminar flow and are made from forged carbon, reinforced with Rohacell. A total of 125 kilograms per side of downforce has been added to the back of the car. The Paint Technologies department have also re-painted the necessary areas in the sport orange, along with applying lacquer and gloss to the canards and winglets, making them stand out by enhancing their colour.

The Rayo’s next target is to meet the 300mph record. Between Envisage and 7X Design, a mind-blowing car has been constructed. We are proud to be a part of this cars incredible journey and are excited to see it achieve its world record.


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