Automotive Luxury  Furniture: From the road to the home, Model 01: The Couch

Automotive Luxury Furniture: From the road to the home, Model 01: The Couch

Posted March 7, 2024

This bespoke couch brings automotive luxury from the road into your home. It takes the comfort of what we want in our living space and combines it seamlessly with what we love the most in our cars: style, nostalgia, and individuality.

Making Luxury Car-Inspired Furniture

Our precision metalworkers define what craftsmanship is. The rear fenders were made from flat aluminium rolled together with the seat back, the rear balance, and metal finished wings. Made using traditional methods, such as welding, hammer and hand weight, the Couch is completely crafted by hand. The team used a high level of skill to create a thing of beauty to the highest quality.

Contemporary and Vintage Automotive Design

Design input from our Colour, Materials and Finish (CMF) team was key to the story. Drawing inspiration from British and automotive heritage, our CMF team delved into research and concept development.

This led to the selection of the high-end Scabal fabrics and saddle leather. These materials represent the tradition and values of the English countryside. The straps themselves being reminiscent of vintage automotive luggage straps. The team also incorporated cork to add a contemporary touch and provide softness and sophistication.

How our Trim Studio Mix Tradition with Innovation

Once the body was crafted it was transported to our Trim Studio to bring the concept to life. The use of saddle leather, Scabal fabric, and cork highlights the talent and expertise of the Trim team. Their ability to work with a multitude of materials allows us to create innovative pieces. In this case, from the traditional materials regularly seen within automotive, to the innovative – redefining their applications.

How Paint Can Enhance the Materials

The paint colour was chosen by the CMF team to enhance the materials used for the trim. Our highly skilled Paint Development team prepared a satin finish paint adding fine, warm flakes to relate back to the hues of brown from the fabrics and metal hardware. This ties together the elements of fabric and cork. Adding a touch of modern artistry. Making it the perfect, contemporary piece to add to any room.

Electronics and the Final Touch

Adding the finishing touch, the Electronic Research and Development team brought the Couch to life with lighting. With two settings on the arms of the Couch. One is programmed to imitate a braking car. This final piece truly emphasises the Couches personality, giving the ability to enhance the space that it is in.

With every detail of Model 01: the Couch having been carefully crafted in-house. From the sleek metal work to intricate stitch lines from the Trim Studio. Our team ensures the delivery of bespoke excellence every time.

Having a vast range of skills in-house, Envisage have the capabilities to design and manufacture pretty much anything. For more information or to bring your bespoke project to life, please contact us.


Photos: Rich Phillips | Visually Rich

Location: Gasoline Juice 

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