Reviving the Trade: A Focus on our Trim Studio

Reviving the Trade: A Focus on our Trim Studio

Posted June 27, 2024

Very few companies have a trim studio as an in-house service. Envisage can offer a full trim service and are well placed to offer clients everything they might need for their projects under one roof. Our trimmers have over 85 years combined experience, bringing specialist expertise to support our global clients across a multitude of sectors.

What is Trim?

Trim refers to the design, production, and supply of components for projects such as moldings, upholstery, and decorative features. Most of the work our team carries out is for automotive seating and interiors which requires a specific skill set for pattern making, the use of industrial sewing machines, and fabric selection.

Skilled Craftmanship

The necessary skills required for trim development cannot be self-taught. Beyond this, it is soft skills that create the highest-quality trimmers with a keen eye for detail, ensuring the work delivered is of the highest quality. It takes a skilled craftsman to achieve the high-level of precision for the quality finish our clients expect. Patience, persistence, and dedication ensure that patterns produced are millimetre perfect, our trimmers will repeat and keep going until it is correct.

Envisage Trim Capabilities

As experts in automotive trim, we have the capabilities to support design and pattern development for almost every project from show vehicles to anything else on the road. However, our specialists can provide trim solutions for a multitude of sectors from aerospace and marine, to furniture and other lifestyle products.

Case Study: Healey by Caton

Healey by Caton, is a reimagined past icon with a focus on a more traditional interior trim. The cars soft leather trim showcases the studios skill with patterns, materials, and stitching, and their ability to work with more traditional automotive materials. The automotive trim of the Healey by Caton displays a beautiful contrast between the contemporary look of the car with the heritage and traditions of the original car.

Case Study: Model 01: The Couch

Our team work with a multitude of different materials from the traditional to the innovative. Model 01: The Couch used saddle leather to create straps on the back cushion and Scabal fabric to trim the seats, redefining the use of a material typically used for overcoats. The back and inside the arms were trimmed using cork.

Case Study: Lynk & Co Next Day

The Lynk & Co Next Day interior trim design was also one of the most futuristic projects our team have completed. Much of the show car’s interior trim was velour, an unusual material with a strong pile. The trimmers had to take the direction of the roll into account when trimming as velour can be very ‘black and white’; depending on which direction you look at the material it can look black. This project demonstrated the team’s ability to work with unique materials and designs, which created a challenge, but they delivered a trim interior of the highest quality.

A Collaborative Approach

Collaboration is key when it comes to any project within Envisage. Our trimmers work together with modelmakers within the studios. They incorporate each other’s needs within the work knowing what the other will require, creating consistency. Our Trim Studio also works closely with our in-house CMF department on the selection and sourcing of materials.

Reviving the Trade

Trim cannot be self-taught; it is a niche trade requiring hands-on experience. Specialised training is gained through apprenticeships and on-the job experience working with skilled trimmers. However, with many companies stopping their trim apprenticeship programmes, a massive skills gap has been created.

Acknowledging this gap, Envisage has invested in a trim apprenticeship program. This will support our in-house Trim Studio, filling the gap in skills and age, as well as helping to keep the trim trade going.

Advantages for Clients

Having a dedicated Trim Studio within our facilities is a huge benefit to our clients. The need to separate the project components and transport them between different companies is eliminated. By doing this in-house it increases the security of the project and saves time and money.

The Model 01: The Couch, Lynk & Co, and Caton case studies only give a small insight into the capabilities of our Trim Development team. To read more see our case study for the Seat for Technical Demonstration which shows a variety of materials and stitch techniques which our team can deliver for your project. For more information regarding trim solutions contact us.

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