TATA 45X Concept Vehicle Build

Project Overview

Behind the showbiz and bright lights of the world’s most glamorous auto shows, blue-chip car companies employ Envisage’s expertise to create high-tech concept cars to exacting motor show standards of finish.

The Coventry-based engineering services company was commissioned by Indian car-making giant Tata Motors to produce a full-sized concept model of its all-new premium hatchback, codenamed 45X.

The Tata 45X hatchback concept, which features radical design language, was unveiled to critical acclaim at the Auto Expo 2018 motor show in Delhi in February 2018 and made its European debut at the Geneva International Motor Show a month later.

Using CAD-derived surface data from Tata Motors’ design team, Envisage Group precision-engineered, assembled and painted a full-sized exterior model of the 45X hatchback concept which sits on a custom-designed chassis and supporting armature.

Envisage was also responsible for the manufacture of all glazing, mirrors, functional lighting systems, bright-ware, exterior trim and road wheels, resulting in a highly realistic show model.