Envisage and Falmouth University’s Textile Design Competition

Over the last few months the Colour, Materials and Finishes (CMF) team at Envisage have been working alongside second year Textile Design students from Falmouth University on the Materials of the Future brief.

The students were tasked with designing a range of CMF solutions for a seat in a vehicle from 2050. A vital aspect of the project was having to consider future trends and technology in the transport industry such as; autonomy, communal ownership and hyperloop.

The students were encouraged to think “blue sky” when developing their innovative and conceptual design pieces, with inspiration being taken from research that Envisage had put into future materials and how they can be innovated ethically, sustainably and durably.

As well as academic awards, the two competition winners received offers of an internship with the CMF team at the Envisage Technologies, Doyle Drive facility here in Coventry.

Elliot Baldry was selected as the overall winner, having conducted extensive research into future transport trends; displaying a variety of pioneering work primarily focusing on the aesthetics and structure of carbon fibre. The competition was extremely tight, with Jo Hague coming in as a close runner up having also produced an excellent portfolio of work.

Falmouth University’s Textile Design Finalists


Winner Elliot Baldry and CMF designers Sammie Mayers and Pip Jones


Overall, the judges at Envisage were very impressed with the high standard and professional quality of work which was presented by the finalists.

We are looking forward to working with Falmouth University on future innovative projects.